Adiara Queen Jewelry

Orders & returns

Cancellation policy

An order can be canceled as long as it has not been dispatched, please get in touch with our customer care team to know the process. You can reach the customer care team at +91 93213 60197 Please note that refund will be credited in the form of Adiara credit note only.
Exchange / Cancellation Of International Purchases
In the event that orders placed internationally is to be returned or canceled, Adiara will not refund any of the following changes levied at the time of purchase:
* Shipping charges
* Duties and taxes
* Loss due to the difference in the currency exchange rate.
* Bank transfer and/or transaction changes imposed onthe customer at the time of paying Adiara.
* Bank transfer charges/ transactions charges at the time of refunding the customers by Adiara
* Any other charges except for the value of the returned? canceled goods
In the event that an order containing an item that is banned for importing/ exporting in some countries, Adiara will still refund only the value of the product. The legal liabilities remain of the importer.
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